Six decades ago, there was a match factory in the stone barn next to Poitsila Manor in Hamina, Finland, but as the demand for Finnish made matches faded in the 1970s, something else had to be made. That something was printed forms, we were a printing house, ever-changing with the times.

The 1990s was a tough time in Finland with a deep recession. However, we invested in new technology. Our CEO Mauri Reinilä joined, and in no time, we were one of the first players in the world using digital printing technology.

In the early 2000s, Mauri called Reino Uusitalo, founder of Pyroll Group. Half an hour later, Mauri and Reino sat at the same table discussing the packaging industry's future and how digitalisation can link packaging to services. Shortly after the first meeting, Reino became a shareholder, and later, PackageMedia joined the Pyroll family.

Today Pyroll Group is a family-owned group with 600 employees and 120M€ turnover. Business areas are: packaging, converting, paper wholesale, and real estate.

A significant milestone for us was the move from Hamina to Inkeroinen in 2017, next door to the card board factory there. Our state of the art production facilities now allows us to grow both in technology and scale - the right place to be. 

We start the 2020's as a sixty-year-old start-up. We have created successful campaigns for Finland's largest FMCG companies and international players, but there is so much more out there. Responsibility, courage, and perseverance are our company values. For us, responsibility means a commitment to the environment, our customers, and each other, and with this mindset, we are expanding beyond Finland's borders. 

Aleksi Uusitalo, second generation owner of the Pyroll Group, is now on the board of Package Media. With him at the helm, we look forward to implementing our growth strategy, and acting as digital spearhead for the group. 

Our mission is to support customers engage consumers, and drive revenue where digital meets physical, all with a big heart. This is PackageMedia.