COMPONENT: Packaging ID's

What is it?

PackageMedia's digital SaaS back-end platform is the automated solution creating Packaging IDs for individual items being produced on the digital press, and all the subsequent stages the item passes though. This is how multiple changes in item status, its physical location, and the connection to digital services are established.

How does it add value?

Packaging IDs are the building blocks for making any physical packaging "smart" and connected, this is Internet of Packaging (IoP). Obviously Package Media has the tools to create Packaging IDs to be used in in-house developed end-to-end solutions in IoP. However, Package Media can also act as a data enabler, creating the digital IDs, manage the data back-end, and supply clients with data analysis, while the actual manufacturing is done by a 3rd. party. This is flexibility for clients managing anything from very small print jobs to huge volumes in the millions.