• 23.09.2020

Facing the Consumer, a view point

Super market shelves are more crowded than ever before, new entrants take the fight to established brands every single day. Being relevant in the eyes of the consumer, on the shelf, has never been more important, and packaging has a key role to play here. Everything is about consumer engagement, both in the physical, and digital world, and this means linking the consumer facing occasion in the super market with brand relevant digital services.

  • 21.09.2020


Nammo Lapua Wanted their ammuntion boxes to stand out, and be "smart digital". This was the beginning of a long-term development project, one where the results can be seen all over the world. The metals industry is often quite traditional, but Nammo Lapua's case shows that fearless innovation pays off.

  • 22.06.2020

Sustainability from the forest to the printing press

Finnish forests are full of conifers, pines, spruces, and trees are an essential part of the Finnish national landscape. The forest has many different roles, it is a place to refresh one's mind, where to hike, and at the same time, it is Finland's most valuable natural resource. Forests enable a livelihood for many. For PackageMedia, this green gold is the raw material, from which we develop personalized packaging for our customers for a wide range of uses. In addition to all this, the forest is an important carbon sink, indeed a multidimensional topic.